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Welcome BearTruth Visitors

I have political and personal opinions, which I will voice on another blog/site once I get done with all this server sillieness. I prefer to keep this site focused on issues technical.

That said, I an e-mail correspondence regarding the entire Pledge of Allegiance thing has been quoted extensively at :The Truth Laid Bear.

No surprise, Bear disagrees, even though the 9th Circuit Court judicial activisim is well documented. Still, I had that I figured out that when I received an e-mail attempting to “goad some Christian bloggers.” What Bear may or may not realize is, I grew-up and have spent the majority of life here in the shadow of D.C. – meaning I’m always willing to play the game! Offering contrary copy is an essential skill taught in the grade schools here. That said, I appreciate Bear’s publishing, and response, though I think Bear deftly avoided some of my little land mines – nerts!

Here are two links Bear did NOT post – both of which discuss my points over “Separation of Church and State” having been confused with the “Establishment Clause.” So for you visitors from Bear – here they are in order of preference:

  1. Under God, and Divisible
  2. God and Country

Okay folks, this is my first, and hopefully last polit-blogs for this site – though I will direct you to my personal opines when I get that all online. I’ll tell you what, for those of my faithful followers who are shocked by this display, consider this an example of an entry on a polit-blog, a.k.a. war-blog

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