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.htaccess – Questions & Tips

For those of you with SSH access to your servers, run this command one day:

ls -la

and perhaps you too will see a little file named .htaccess in your directory.

In case you’ve never seen this before, .htaccess is a text file that provides most HTTP servers instructions on how to configure Basic Authentication for an entire site, or a particilar directory of a therein. That said, did you know .htaccess can also define more than just simple password protection? Used skillfully, you can customize and control several aspects of your web site.

For example, I was monkeying around with OPTIONS ExecCGI to force execution of CGI scripts in a particular directory. There are a host of other things you can do with it, many of which are summed-up in a very nice page entitled: CGI Extremes – Tutorials – .Htacess and Password Protection.

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