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XML-RPC vs. Soap

How coincidental life can be! As I said in an earlier post, I’ve been concurrently reading Programming Web Services with XML-RPC and Programming Web Services With SOAP. I’ve also been reading my referrer logs -and when I see more than 10 hits from one place in a day, it usually indicates they’ve blogged or linked me up.

Enter weblog.masukomi.org, who was kind enough to blog a piece about the Mean Dean Anti-Spam E-mail Obfuscator. As I was enjoying both the design and content of Kate’s site I noticed over in the left column a paper/article entitled: XML-RPC vs. SOAP.

XML-RPC vs. SOAP is an easy to read executive summary and comparison of these two popular webservices protocols. No propoganda, but rather useful assessments such as:

XML-RPC is about simple, easy to understand, requests and responses … SOAP, on the other hand, is designed for transferring far more complex sets of information …

Good stuff! Thanks Kate, and thanks for the mention on your blog. I like your style!

One Comment

  1. It should be noted that my XML-RPC vs SOAP comparison looks at the two from a more structural standpoint and does not comment on interfacing with them via the various modules that have been written for the major programming languages.