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fotos del apocalipsis – Gracias!

From time to time, I check my referrer logs, and find some of the most interesting visitors. For example: Images of the Apocolypse. A blog well-done, and done en Español.

Even better, they corroburate the purpose of my site with a nice little blog, and an example, in Spanish, that proves that we must indeed go into all the world and preach good web design.

Wow, I sure how the BabelFish translator doesn’t embarass me – but here goes:

A partir de tiempo al tiempo, compruebo mis registros del referrer, y encuentro a algunos de los visitantes más interesantes. Por ejemplo: Fotos del Apocalipsis. Un blog bien-hecho, y hecho en Español.

Incluso mejore, ellas corroburate el propósito de mi sitio con un pequeño blog agradable, y un ejemplo, en Español , que prueba que debemos entrar todo el mundo y predicar de hecho la buena construcción de la página.

BTW – I took Spanish in high school, but definately need to brush-up as I wish to teach this Latin-based language to my daughter. If my translation if faulty – please – feel free correct, rebuke, instruct – but please, with great patience!


  1. Thanks!
    But never trust computer translators!
    This translation has some errors
    “from time to time” : “de tiempo en tiempo”
    “even better” : “mejor aún”

    However, none of them is very serious.
    I’ve seen some terrible examples…
    you know that “spirit” means
    (also) “alcohol” … now, imagine the result,
    when one was actually speaking about the
    Holy Spirit…. :-)

    If you don’t believe me, just search in
    Google for “alcohol santo”.

    Regards from Argentina

  2. kd as fotos????????