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Home Web Server Project Distracted

Distracted – yes ! But not just by the new machine, but by something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. Run a webserver at home for gnarly experiments that would get me kicked-off &/or crash my web host. First step was some 11 years ago when I married my lovely and beautiful wife. Who in some circles is known as the Solaris Queen and is indeed the “Unix goddess” Vincent Flanders referred to on page 134 of his new book (he wanted to mention her by name, but my wife’s not the show-boater her husband is!-).

Second step was to buy her a Sparc 5 off of E-bay for $6.00. Yes, you saw that right, six bucks! Yes, I know, I can run Linux on just about anything, but SIX SMACKERS! This bargain serves two needs – a comfortable platform on which my wife can familiarize herself with RedHat, and a place for me to run a webserver in house – literally (nothing says love like waking your spouse up with the phrase – guess what honey? I just bought you a sparc)!

My wife finally got the machine up and running, and with a few more bucks here-n-there to upgrade some of the peripherals, she’s in the process of physically configuring her new toy inbetween the precious few minutes she gets chasing a strong willed 2.5 year-old around. Once she gets Linux installed, then we’ll have some fun running Apache

Third step is going to be configuring the web server for various accounts. Rather than hand-fight the mileiu of configuration file modifications – I’ve been looking for a variety of web-hosting applications that help automate the task via one’s browser. Most of these are the ‘vertical market’ type of stuff webhost/resellers use to manage your accounts, as well as various control panels you may have access to. Obviously, I’m listing the free stuff:

Point is, we’re just getting started. It should be a fun little project with some big rewards. Obviously a bit of overkill for some of you running church websites, but I do know there are some of you putting servers on your DSL or Fractional T1′s – and with some prayer and blessings – I hope to have more to write about on this topic

BTW, my wife just looking over my shoulder. She informs me that she prefers to be called Unix Chix – soon to be Linux Chix – whatever you say dear.


  1. When Mama’s happy, the server’s happy!

  2. When the server ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!