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The Dean Machine

If I’ve seemed a bit distracted, its only because “IT” has arrived. It being a new computer
I’ve received as a combined birthday/father’s day present from my lovely and
beautiful wife – yet another reason why it’s good to be married to a woman who’s
referred to at work as the Solaris Queen.

As I did five years ago (that’s about 35 in dog years), I’ve purchased a machine that when powered-up,
will dim the lights, cause the neighborhood dogs to bark and babies to cry,
while I stand over it with arms outstrecthed to the heavens yelling “alive … It’s Alive … ITS ALIVVVVEEE!

Actually, I want a machine that will keep up with many of today’s development tools,
such as DreamWeaver MX, Visual Studio .NET – as well as room for a Linux partition.

For those into hardware spec … here it is:

  • Gateway 700x
  • Processor Intel� Pentium� 4 Processor 2.4GHz with
  • 512K L2 Advanced Transfer Cache and 533MHz Front Side Bus
  • Memory 512MB RDRAM� PC800 expandable to 2GB (2048MB)
  • Hard Drive 120GB UATA100 7200RPM Hard Drive (Limited Time ONLY)
  • Floppy Drive 3.5″ 1.44MB diskette drive
  • CD-ROM 16x/48x DVD-ROM Drive and 40x/12x/48x Recordable ReWriteable CDRW
  • Certification Energy Star Compliant
  • Operating System Microsoft� Windows� XP Home Edition
  • Application Software Microsoft� Works Suite 2002 – Including Microsoft� Word and Encarta
  • AntiVirus Software Norton AntiVirus 90 day Introductory Offer
  • Monitor 18″ LCD Flat Panel Display Analog/Digital (18.1″ viewable)
  • Video 64MB NVIDIAT GeForce2 MX400 AGP Graphics with DVI and TV Out
  • Keyboard Multi-function Keyboard
  • Mouse Logitech USB Optical Wheel Mouse and Gateway mouse pad
  • Sound System SoundBlaster Audigy Audio w/ IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
  • Speakers Boston Acoustics� BA745 Speakers with Subwoofer
  • Case NEW Gateway Tower Case
  • Expansion Slots 5 PCI and 1 AGP
  • External ports (6) USB (2 in front and 2 in back are version 2.0, 2 more in back are version 1.1) Parallel, Serial and (2) PS/2
  • Controller Integrated Ultra ATA Controller
  • Modem 56K PCI Voice Modem
  • Network Adapter 10/100 Ethernet Adapter

The big debate I’m having is whether or not to ditch XP Home Edition for 2000, and which Linux distribution to install on a 40 gig partition?


  1. Congrats on getting your Dean Machine. And “Young Frankenstein” rawks! :-)

  2. Ah, you finally got one of those….I wondered what they were doing with outdated machines… :-)

  3. You got a Gateway. A real dream machine can only be achieved if you build it your self. You need to go out and purchase it part by part (or use parts laying around your house). Don’t get me wrong you got an sweet machine. But if you build your own you will appreciate it much more

  4. Jason – thanks but no thanks – FYI, I’ve build several machines in my past. My first one being back in 1985! I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure what there is to appreciate about spending time and money matching up cases with mother boards, inteface cards with peripherals, disk speed with memory i/o, and software with the wide-variety standard of basic input/output systems.

    I guess it’s because I’ve been there and done that so many times, that what I truly appreciate these days are quality parts running quality software so I can produce quality content.

    I purchased my first Gateway 5 years ago with that in mind. The machine, regardless abuse short of pushing it down the stairs, NEVER failed once. If I can get the same performance from my new machine, then I’ll not only appreciate it, but I’ll do it again in another 5 years.

  5. Consider the GenToo Linux distro. It’s blazing fast.

  6. Win XP PRO would have been useful, it includes IIS. So you could have run your linux partition with Apache and IIS.

  7. Simon – You can also set up IIS w/Win 2k Pro …

    either way, it gives you a personal web server that will let you develop locally … an article I’ve been planning on writing for some time now