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As I’ve said in the past, it has never been my intent to degrade a person personally with my critiques. Rather, it is my commission to build the Body by helping its members build better web sites.

Here is a point in case, where while the person producing the site does a good job at using free pages for Christians offered at TruePath.com … but they’ve essentially hidden their message under a bowl.

Apologetics Illustrated

To me it screams … HEAL ME …. PLEASE HEAL MEEEEE !!!! … Visit the site (the hyperlink opens a new window), and then come back here and offer some commentary under one of two categories. A) What was wrong with that? B) I’ll tell you what’s wrong with that.

I’m hoping there is more of the later than former. If not, here’s my quick/one-line of advice – DON’T DO THIS !


  1. First off, I enjoy your blog. It’s good to see Christians who know their stuff.

    OK, some comments about:

    Here is another example of a site that has some good content, but not so great user interface. I personally dislike entire pages stuck between tags. Reminds me of the Mosaic days. Also, the background images have got to go. It hides the text that is on top of it. Overall, with a revamped user interface, could be a promising site.

  2. Wups, it took my “center” tag literally….

    I personally dislike entire pages stuck between
    “center” tags.

  3. I think the major immediate problem is all that crap that is usually at the bottom or in a sidebar is plopped right there at the top. The counter is the first thing we see.
    Also, I’m not a big fan of the billions of flags and the tacky big font “GOD BLESS AMERICA”.
    That kind of made me think the site was about america or something.

  4. If I were to give this site a present, it would be a navigation scheme.

  5. Trying to be nice:
    -too many flasing signs, flags, & crosses…
    -Needs some kind of navigation bar on the side…
    -Don’t lie on the hit counter(3000 hits?)

  6. WHile I am hesitant to talk about other people’s mistakes (people in glass houses.etc) Please keep in mind that I haven’t been doing this long. My biggest complaints are in collusion with the above, navigation and I dislike one long page. As Dean has pointed out before, poeple don’t usually like to scroll. Divide the pages up. And while I am as American as anyone and current;y an on-call military reservist, I dislike the “junk” . A clean button or flag image would suffice without being gaudy. Also, I would rethink the colors. the fonts clash with the background. And to coin a phrase another ACWA member uses quite frequently, “It is amzing what you can do when no one cares who gets the credit”. I would lose the counter. I don’t mean to offend the webmaster, just give my opinion on the Site.

  7. You’ve found a good example of what not to do there. Everyone’s earlier comments probably cover the main issues with the site — have you emailed the site designer (apologeticsill@truepath.net) first, and/or do you intend to? Would be good to hear their feedback on these comments and your thoughts.


  8. Oh it’s horrible.
    It would be horrible whatever it was about, so it’s doubly horrible that it’s a Christian site. Specifically,
    1. The colour scheme is awful – it looks cheap.
    2. The layout is a disaster – you have to scroll down to reach the basic content.
    3. The structure is all over the place – what’s this site about? Who should read it? It might have just what I’m looking for but I wouldn’t know it!
    4. Yes, it’s all centred. And yes, some headings are underlined so they look like links. And yes, some “coming soon” links look like links but aren’t.
    5. Bizarrely, there is a drop down menu for links listed in full underneath (The Book of Revelation)
    6. There are two quite different layouts used across the pages (although the miraculous awards page uses yet another).
    7. Did you see that source code? What a mess. Needs a complete re-write and CSS.
    8. The content of the site is badly let down by the layout; it’s a terrible shame as the content itself isn’t bad!