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The <ACRONYM> tag

When you have a chance, take a virtual stroll on over to Ron Lusk’s Radio Weblog.

Earlier in the day, he commented on a link to the Webopedia I had created to encapsulate the acronymn GIGO in my article about PixelMill. His assertion is that I should have either used the <acronym> tag, or the ‘title’ argument of the <a … > tag to described the 4 letter word as “garbage in, garbage out.”

His points are valid, especially the later. Use of the title argument for hyperlinks is a VERY good practice. However, he and I disagree on the issue of sending you over to the Webopedia.

I want to expose you to as many resources as possible, but he feels that forcing you there to find out what GIGO meant wasn’t good usability. I certainly see his point, as it is both well stated and has corroboration from the likes of Jakob Nielsen.

That said, I guess the Sunday school teacher in me wants you guys to look things up. But that being the case, then perhaps I should have least used the title argument in the hyperlink to say something like “go look it up for yourself.”

Either way, THANKS RON for bringing this usability topic to light. It is something we must ALL consider when developing our Church’s web sites.

One Comment

  1. Your repeated “go look it up yourself” reminded me of the image of the aggressive librarian at


    (which I found through The Shifted Librarian blog at http://www.theshiftedlibrarian.com/).

    (Nit: that’s “corroboration”, methinks.)