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When people ask me about whether or not they should use a certain web-editing program to build their church site, I usually reply:”

FrontPage doesn’t kill websites, people kill websites …

I say this because while FrontPage is, from a programmer’s perspective, a well-developed piece of software, the templates that accompany it are, IMHO, simply wretched. Hence, so are many of the web sites produced using them. The technical term for this malady is better known as “GIGO“.

So if you MUST use FrontPage, even though I personally think there are other products that might better suit your needs and budget, then at least drop a nickel, or a least 500 of them (that’s $25 for those of you in Rio Linda), and buy a template that doesn’t make your church web site look like it’s from TwinkyTown.

One suggestion is PixelMill, a site that specializes FrontPage Themes, Temlates, Tutorials and even has some free stuff.

One caveat, you get what you pay for, and I mention that as I’m looking at some of their “cheaper” template and themes.


  1. I’ve found the <ACRONYM> tag helpful (where you have the link to GIGO above). It provides (through the title attribute) the text to display in a floating box over the page, without requiring the user to visit webopedia (for example). I use a style for the <ACRONYM> tag to highlight it as something “interesting”.

    You could also use the title attribute on your hyperlink (<A> tag) to webopedia to give a short translation followed by “Click for more information”…

  2. Ron, thanks for reminding us of both the <ACRONYM> tag and the title attribute of <A HREF… title=”… >

    Of the former, in this case, I want my average user to go to the webopedia and discover its usefulness.

    Of the later, I should know better – hanging my head in shame …

  3. Showing the website is good; forcing use thereof is…less good (I believe).

    I’ve got an alternative to this posted on my website, where the information is in the title attribute but the user can still use the link.

  4. I used a Pixel Mill template for a client of mine. I ended up gutting it because he didn’t like this and that. But it got the ball rolling and gave me a structure to use. FrontPage isn’t so bad, I agree.