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Jephthah’s Daughter

It’s Sunday .. time for Bible study, worship and rest.

Here’s a little something to help you get it started: Jephthah’s Daughter – Answers to Objections.

If you’re not familiar with this story, be careful … it’s one of the most disturbing events chronicled in the Bible …

… btw, this site is an EXCELLENT example of great compelling content. There are some navigational elements I would add, such as text links along the bottom, a table of contents page, and bread-crumb navigation along the upper right …

… but content-wise, I’d leave it be!


  1. This incident is really not so hard to come to terms with. The fact that it is in the bible does NOT mean that God endorsed Jephthah’s action or that God endorses human sacrifice. Jephthah blundered on his own, without any help from the Spirit. If he did carry it out, he committed murder.

  2. I gotta say .. one reason I like working with Christians is their passion.

    YES, I entirely agree. In fact, that’s what the linked article talks about … God merely told him to slice-n-dice the Ammorites .. nothing more – nothing less.

    What Jeppie didn’t realize is that the deal was already sealed, sans the vow ! What Jeppie also didn’t realize was that vows, like fasting and other activities, aren’t designed to change God’s heart, but ours!

    Bottom line, his obvious lack of Biblical traing tripped him up in several ways.

    Thanks for the post !