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Returning Evil with Good

Let me thank those of you who have responded to either my ‘Google Rant’, and/or an e-mail request for linkage where I promised to be as “giddy as a school girl” if mentioned. Keep in mind, I’m a pretty big 43-year-old-guy. In spite of the evil image I inspired, I appreciate the good responses from the following:

Expect a perma-link block to appear sometime tonight on the right with your site.

** I do need to point out, and unfortuantely correct the Instapundit, in that Vincent Flanders is the sole genius behind Web Pages That Suck. I merely contributed chapter 14 to his most recent book (which I have commaned all my faithful followers to buy and read) “Son of Web Pages That Suck.

One Comment

  1. There’s some debate over what a “permalink” really is. Eric Olsen has some interesting thoughts on it here: http://tres_producers.blogspot.com/2002_06_02_tres_producers_archive.html#77330846