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Hello Google, I’m over here!

Man-o-man is this frustrating. I’m trying to get listed with Google, but they’ve got the wrong cache for my page – Test Page for the SSL/TLS-aware Apache Installation on Web Site.

All I can figure is that the googlebot visited me while my FORMER web host was crashed. Great, I thought I was done with all the fallout from that debacle. Guess not.

At least I’m hoping that’s what it is. After all, my pages are static (though my content is always current and compelling!-). And it’s not like my text, titles and tags are messed-up or inconsistent within themselves. No doorway passages I know about. No frames. Certainly the graphic2text ratio isn’t an issue here. I’ve got (lots of) links to other sites. And believe me when I say, I have what I would think are enough sites linking back to me to up my PageRanking. Check’m out if you don’t believe me:

Recent Sitings

Not to mention all the really nice mentions on various other blogs:

Honorable Mention (mentioned in no particular order)

So essentially, I’ve read their FAQ for web masters- and at least IMHO complied, submitted and committed. Any thoughts or comments from the peanut gallery? I’d really love to employ the Google API here, but how can I when I’m not ranked?

What’s up with that ?!

Oh, and for those of you avid readers want to “Read More” … here is a list of sites I wish would mention/link my site:

Will work for links


  1. Dean, I added you to my blog (see my name for link). I even used a creative title, like you were asking for. Go there to see.

    Looks like you’ve done well getting linked to and listed on Google is great.

  2. It usually takes 2-3 months to get listed with Google.

  3. David … look at the article again … I went ahead and mentioned you on my honorable mention category …

    … and oh yeah … don’t mention it !-)

  4. The Google API isn’t all that big of a deal. Many people added it to their sites when it first came out, and many of them have taken it off of their sites since. I’ve kept it on mine, but I don’t search for myself, as the results were less than inspiring.

    The Google searches I loaded for my name or my site name pointed mostly to places on my site, at least in the top ten results that showed up. What I’ve done is modify the search once or twice a week for an article I’ve written on the weblog so my readers have other links to explore relative to what I’m writing about.

    In that sense, it’s an okay tool. But, in my opinion, not one that would go on my A-list.