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Salem Buys Crosswalk.com

The weblog at Christianity Today Magazine reported today that megabroadcaster Salem Communications bought Crosswalk.com for $4.1 Million. Wow, that’s a nice piece of change for a portal.

The question it raises to both myself, and those web servants relying on Crosswalk’s content in some form or another – will this improve their current online offerings? You’ll notice some of the Bible links I offer flip flop between the Bible Gateway, and Bible.Crosswalk . I like the former because I’ve used it since forever. In fact, I’m not too keen on their most recent change because I like defaulting to the advanced search! C’mon guys, every hear of a session cookie?

Similarly, will big money make the really useful Bible study tools at Bible.Crosswalk more, or less useful? Hopefully, it’ll bring along someone who’s not afraid of applying a little bit of SOAP behind their eaves snd provide us with some APIs a-la Google style.

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