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11 Q’s for Father Flanders

If I could only follow one person’s advice on issues of web design and the Internet, it would be that of Vincent Flanders. Sure, his humor is a bit over the top for some members of the Body, but one should NOT throw out this baby with the bath water regarding truths he espouses.

Recenlty, I had the good fortune, and joy, of working with Vincent, contributing Chapter 14, “the Bleeding Edge”, to his new book, Son of Web Pages That Suck. Again, an unfortunate title but no reason to dismiss his obvservations, assessments and advisements.

If you are unfamiliar with his words and work, may I suggest a recent interview of him entitled: BBspot – 11 Questions with Vincent Flanders. I would ask you to take particular notice of his answer to question 8, in part 2 of the interview. A word of caution, BBSpot is known for it’s coarse jesting, so proceed with caution if you visit other parts of the site.

There, Vincent briefly addresses the paradigm shift occuring in web design and development. A change that I suspect will catch many church web servants off guard.

Let the reader understand. If not, ask me and I’ll spell it out for you.


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  2. Don’t worry folks, I’m working on this with Rachel. Any of you other Opera users, let know how your mileage is varying.