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Is the Bloganalia over?

I just read that the following news item entitled Yahoo – MSNBC.com Launches Weblogs.” Being a fan of blogging, both data both sacred and secular, this raises some concerns.

Primarily, now that big media is beginning to dive into the game full tilt, will they usurp and/or over shadow the successful independent blogs that in the past have provided a voice in the early 21′st century, the same way Talk Radio did in the late 20th?

Main Entry: blog·a·na·lia
Pronunciation: “blog&-’nAl-y&
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural blogs, blog-your-brains-out, blog-until-you-drop, blog-a-thon
Etymology: English, from Blogger -> Weblogs and Latin Bacchanalia
Date: June 3, 2002 at about 4:20est
1 plural, capitalized : the online frenzy of blogging that is driving the main-stream media crazy by turning everyone into an instant pundit (see Instapundit)
2 : orgy of web logging 2, 3

Add that to your blogicon!
In other words, is the Bloganalia over ???

One Comment

  1. Wait until they find out if they say something in print (which they don’t usually do), without an editor to review it…suddenly they can be held accountable for their own words.