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Critics … Noisy at Night

Asked what he thought of critics, Mel Brooks replied, “They’re very noisy at night. You can’t sleep in the country because of them.

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes. Which is how I feel when I receive e-mail to the following:

I’ll agree with you in the fact that most church websites look lousy, but as
far as you appointing yourself to show others how not to suck, your site’s
no picnic either. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s really bland and
difficult to read through. Try more variations in font style and size. The
opening page should be simpler. With the boxes with dates in them on the
‘blog’ page, try filling them in with either gray, or a color, this will
separate things a bit and look more organized. Right now, it all gets
jumbled together and it’s easy to lose your place while reading. You may
also want to switch the frames so that the calendar and such is on the left,
I’d also make it narrower. With its current size, it seems to squeeze the
entire page. Good luck and thanks for being out there for those who need it.

My reply, as always was respectful and grace-filled … though inbetween the lines, it did beg the question … what would Vincent say?

BTW, here is how the entire Mel Brooks quote went down:

  • Interviewer: What do you think of critics?
  • Brooks: They’re very noisy at night. You can’t sleep in the country because of them. But, otherwise, I like them.
  • Interviewer: I think that’s crickets you’re talking about, sir. I meant critics.
  • Brooks: Oh, critics! They’re no good. They can’t make music with their legs.

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