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PageRank, part 1

Here is some mandatory reading for those of you who want your site well listed on the Google Search Engine entitled: Understanding and Building Google PageRank – Introduction to Page Rank … please do not confuse this with the vaunted PigeonRank, announced by Google on April 1st of this year.

For anyone who couldn’t possibly know, Google is arguably the most popular search engine on the web. I even heard it mentioned on a couple of television shows. Along with such broadspead popularity comes a burning desire by all of us running websites to see our pages to rank well in the listing … which HealYourChurchWebsite site isn’t doing … yet …

After reading the ‘real’ article, along with similar tombs on the topic … I soon realized I was suffering from “linkage leak.” That is, I have so many links to pages off-site, that I dilute the ranking value of my own page. This is because, from my feable understanding of PageRank, the more links on my page pointing to places off-site, the less important my page is … in comparison to these other pages. The more links off site, the worse my ranking. At least, that’s how I understand it. Please, use the comments system to correct me if need be.

And not that HealYourChurchWebsite isn’t the in-all and be-all, but it is a least important enough to me to want to have it ranked a bit higher than 120 something when entering the query “heal your church web site.”

This is why some of you may now notice that all links off-site now go through a very little CGI program I’ve employed which essentially is a re-direct program. Let’s see if this doesn’t help. Either way, I’ll write a second part to this effort and let you know what happens … hopefully, good results will bear out within a week or two.

BTW, for those of you thinking of doing the same, please, please, please … read an employ the practices offered in “The WWW Security FAQ.”

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