Heal Your Church WebSite

Teaching, rebuking, correcting & training in righteous web design.

Yeah, okay I’m boring !

It’s the weekend … time to play … actually time to honeydoo … or time to listen to Adventist World Radio … and hear them rip apart this site’s design. And that’s okay … HealYourChurchWebsite is an informtional blog, not a church website.

If you want to see whether or not my preaching is worth practicing … you can visit my own church’s website …. which needs some work … but isn’t ugly sin.

Of course, if you’re visiting using Netscape or MSIE versons 4.n … then the site is intentionally ugy.


  1. whats it about? no intro, no explanation? just drivel!! dont post in news groups about ur site if no onw can find what its about!! it seems to be about rubbish….

  2. What is REAL rubbish is the FAKE e-mail and FAKE url you posted …

    … truly ppoken like a truly anonymous coward … don’t worry folks, I’ve modified his URL to something more fitting …

    … and best of all no real comment. I would encourage you to read the articles. If you’re smart … you’ll figure it out.

  3. Dean,

    I’ve been praying for your site because I think it has an awesome purpose, and I think you’re doing a great job with it. God is clearly using you for a good purpose. Keep it up!

  4. On your about page there is a note about Vacation Bible School 2001 !!! And the “tracker” link takes you to a very cool 404 page.