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Back from the Dead!

I draw my thanks, and my inspiration from my Lord who taught me how to deal with adversity, by example, through circumstances much more difficult than mine:

On the third day he will rise again. – Luke 18:33

On Tuesday, May 28, 2002 at 1:49 AM, a perfectly wonderful and restful Memorial Day weekend was abruptly ruined when I received an e-mail from Jeremy Tribby, the owner/operator of the company that hosted my site:

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I must let you know that Avail has gone out of business. Because of the recent failure of our server, the loss of data, and the lack of help from the datacenter’s on-site staff, we have been forced to end our services.

The story only gets worse from there …

… first as you can see from the time, it was really late at night. Had I been asleep, it would have been 6 to 8 hours before I would have had to proceed with the following restoration procedures:

  • find a place/space to host my site – fortunately, I deanpeters.com is a multi-hosted domain, so for now, I’m piggy-backing it off there.
  • restore a personal backup I had from Saturday morning
  • e-mail everyone informing them of the temporary location
  • change my domain nameservers – thank God I’m not with VeriSign
  • obtain backups from my former host – this was nasty as it took him almost 24 hours and alot of people complaining before they got online. When they were put online, it was done in such a way that any of the other former customers could have downloaded my data
  • attempt to restore the backups
  • get relisted with search engines
  • do this not only for HealYourChurchWebsite, but also HomeSteadingToday.com

That last part is one of the compelling reasons why it took me a bit longer to get things done. I had a committment to the other site. Unfortunately, Avail didn’t use a conventional ASCII MySQL Dump for it’s backups … instead … binaries that require I have root access to restore … table at a time.

In other words, the backups were next to useless. Had I not kept some personal backups, all would have been lost. That said, MoveableType didn’t let me into my own system. I had to re-install, and re-load each entry … one at a time.

If you want more gory details, you read the related thread at WebHostingTalk.com. It’s pretty pathetic to see why this host went belly up.

None-the-less, after much handfighting, we’re back up online. I’m going to write a follow-up on making image backups and having and practicing a restoration plan … know … making sure you don’t leave the house without wearing both your suspenders and your belt. Something I suspect many of us don’t have nor do.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. – Ecclesiastes 4:12

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  1. Sounds like you had a time of it! I will pray that your current webhost doesn’t go down like your previous one did. I would not want you to have to go through that again.