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Book: Living Water

Last week, I created a category with the intent of posting blogs about books both technical and theological that I’ve read. I know you must think me a real nut-case abusing my brain with logical leaps to and from various hights such as Vincent Flanders to Os Guinness, or postmodern medioctrity to posting pages with XML-RPC. But I sorta enjoy lurching my brain awake with such extremes.

Anyway, I was visiting a MartinRothOnline.com because he mentioned this site in a brief “bene diction“. I know, sounds like I’m sucking up … but I have to say his content is worth visiting in its own right. This includes chapters from a book entitled “Living Water to Light the Journey” he wrote that is now out of print, but now online.

Some of the information he covers is just … well … it’s worth the trip. I became particulary intrigued by his conversion to Christianity … via Buddhism.

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