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Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

FiRST, I’ve moved some stuff around … I’m not running out of the /blog sub-directory … I’m going to go back there, but in a much different way that will allow me several server-side-include options … one which is an avantgo wrapper and a “printable page” wrapper … so let me know if I broke something…

Second, I’ve had some complaints about THIS site, even though it is NOT a church web site. That said, one of the legit issues is support for old, lame, brain-dead browsers that don’t support CSS2.

For those equipped with such browsers, please check out this TEST PAGE and let me know if you’re problems are solved. If so, it means you can fix your “tableless” css2 problems by implementing … or should I say wrapping your major division blocks within … yup you guessed it, tables.

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